What is secure7


  • vCloud.ie has developed a multi-layered solution to minimise the attack surface for your online facing services.
  • Our seven layers of protection nurses your traffic through filters, gates, and barriers to the appropriate destination.


  • Our cyber-security systems and engineers can see the traffic as raw code as it comes in
  • They can control and stop the traffic at any stage once it enters the secure7 solution after identifying unknown patterns, malicious or bad code. These potentially damaging intrusions are then filtered from the system.


  • vCloud.ie's in-house security engineers monitor and manage all internet generated inbound traffic.
  • We profile the characteristics, shape, size, pattern and behaviour of malicious traffic rather than filtering by "blacklists".

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Why secure7

✔ Only Solution of its type currently available on the market.

✔ Protects online facing services at all levels from external denial of service attacks to secure access to your database.

✔ Dedicated security centre - Proactive monitoring of the entire solution 24x7.

✔ Learn and Design - Using our high touch consultancy service we can maximise the security of the solution provided to the client.

✔ Simplifying security - Managing a high security solution is very complex and time consuming.

✔ vCloud.ie monitor, manage and simplify the entire solution on the client's behalf.


vCloud.ie's secure7 solution

vCloud.ie is the only company in Ireland that focuses solely on Business continuity and our services extend to both the domestic Irish market as well as International markets. vCloud.ie have offices in Ireland, the UK and Poland. We have 2 datacentres - one in Cork and the other in Poland with 100% up-time record. Our customers range in size, some of our largest clients producing sales in excess of 1 billion euro annually. We provide a high touch, white glove, non-intrusive, tailored service that molds our Business Continuity solutions around the clients unique business requirements. We have added secure7 to our portfolio of Business Continuity based on customer requirements.

Contact Information

  • +353 1 5314130
  • Unit W4D1 Belgrave Building, Ladytown Business Park, Newhall Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland


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